Windows 10 Users Can Now Browse Contacts on Android Devices

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Microsoft is betting big on Your Phone for the close integration of Android devices in Windows 10, and the company keeps improving the app with new functionality every once in a while.

The most recent update brings support for contacts in the Your Phone app, thus allowing users to access them right from the Windows 10 desktops.

As spotted recently, the feature is currently in preview, which means it’s not available for production devices and only users in the Windows Insider program can try it out.

Once enabled, the contacts section shows up in the Your Phone below notifications, messages, photos, apps, and calls, and allows users to see the full list of contacts, search, and view details like the phone number and any other information stored for a specific entry.

Android app support on Windows 10

Furthermore, the Your Phone app provides shortcuts for each contact to send a text or make a phone call, so overall, Microsoft is making it a lot easier to work with contacts right from the desktop.

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The Your Phone app is evolving at a super-fast pace, and without a doubt, the biggest update is the support for running Android apps on the desktop. Thanks to this update, users with supported Android phones, such as the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, can run Android apps on Windows 10 and even pin them to the taskbar and launch them in their dedicated windows.

Microsoft is believed to be working on bringing Android app support to Windows 10 without the need for the Your Phone app, and the company hopes this feature would be ready for prime time sometime next year. In the meantime, however, the Your Phone app keeps evolving, and it’s just the right app every Android user needs when working on their Windows 10 desktops.

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