WhatsApp desktop app now provides one-to-one voice and video messaging .

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WhatsApp’s desktop app gets some of the much-needed features

WhatsApp also introduced support for anonymous and stable one-to-one voice and video calls to its Windows and Mac desktop applications. The inclusion may not appeal to those who want to use the smartphone edition of WhatsApp, but to Desktop Warriors, it’s a good option to Zoom.

The Facebook-owned texting and VoIP provider said they’ve seen a meaningful increase in users calling each other on WhatsApp over the past year. For example, on New Year’s Eve, the service set a new personal record for the majority of calls made on a single day with 1.4 billion voice and video calls.

WhatsApp has ensured that the latest applications are optimised exclusively for the desktop, meaning that they fit in both landscape and portrait modes. What’s more, calls occur in a removable isolated window that is configured to always be on top so that they don’t get stuck in the browser tab or behind other windows.

As in other means of WhatsApp contact, voice and video calls on your laptop are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that WhatsApp can’t hear or see.

Second, the organisation makes one-to-one calls to the web app to insure consistent and high-quality experience. Eventually, the functionality will be extended to cover community voice and video calls, we’re told.

WhatsApp has shown no signs of slowing down the roll-out of new features as of late. Back in January, the firm added facial and fingerprint protection to its mobile and desktop applications, and by the end of 2020 we saw messages vanish.

Image courtesy Antonio Salaverry

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