What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

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Disaster recovery as a service is implementing your disaster recovery policies and procedures with the help of the cloud. DRaaS is not just merely backing up your data on the cloud, but you can also tap computing power from your cloud provider so that you could more or less have a virtual machine where you could continue to operate from. Merely backing up your data would mean that you can just download the latest backup when disaster strikes. If you have lost your computers and network during the disaster, you will need to buy before you could continue to operate. DRaaS takes care of that, which reduces the delay in getting back on your feet.

Why is it Important to the IT Professional?

As more and more go to the cloud, more and more businesses are also realizing the benefits of doing so.  With disaster recovery and business continuity becoming a vital part of every business, IT professionals would need to learn how to leverage DRaaS and still keep it cost-effective for the company.  Tech professionals would need to ensure that data put on the cloud is secured, and accessible whenever it is needed. But they also have to balance these with the costs.

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