What is Crowdsourcing?

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Crowdsourcing means the outsourcing of your tasks to, well, a crowd of people. That is, you will have a loosely defined group, which will do the work for you. Crowdsourcing takes away the task that you have to do in-house or by using an employee and letting a bigger group of people do it. In IT, crowdsourcing usually involves the general public.

Why is it Important to the IT Professional?

Crowdsourcing is a good way to gain a bigger work force or gain specific skill sets to make your product or service even better. An example where crowdsourcing works perfectly is in your website’s content. In an age where unique content is vital, you could use crowdsourcing to come up with great content for your site. You can ask people to rate or review your products, or they could write posts for you. Another example would be its utility with a new software or service.  When Google first came out with Chrome, they invited users to check out a beta version of the product and asked them to report errors and suggest more functionality.

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