What is BitFun.co?

BitFun is a bitcoin faucet website, established in the year 25 January 2017. It is a new innovation in cryptocurrency that permits users to have fun while earning. Additionally, it is also an interactive site including multiple games based on user versus user modes. As a result, new as well as established users will find Bit Fun as an immersive and convenient faucet to interact with. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim. When you claim, your earning goes into Coinpot. All Moon Bitcoin payouts are now made instantly to CoinPot.
Basically, Bit Fun’s reward system is game-based. Users play online games and earn Satoshi, the smallest unit of currency recorded on the blockchain.

How BitFun.co works?

Bitfun.co faucet gives out Satoshi’s every 3 minutes. The more frequently you play games, complete offers, etc. on Bitfun, the more you can earn bitcoin. Games in their play store need some plugins like Flash and HTML5 without which the users will not be able to run or to play them.


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