Twitter is developing a new ‘Undo Send’ feature for tweets

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It looks like the social networking giant Twitter is doing a lot of things out there. Currently, a new “Undo Send” function for tweets is being explored.


As Jane Wong shared on her Twitter account, the company is developing a new feature to unsend tweets. Specifically, this is called the “Undo Send” option.

There are also more experiments that the network has been carrying out in the last few months.


Twitter is trying multiple things!

Previously, there were rumours, but now it seems like they could finally turn out to be real. Soon, this will be able to reveal the “Undo Send” function for tweets.

Jane Wong’s latest tweet illustrates this very plainly, as you can see above. She found the animation to get the button off the tweet. It ensures that a tweet is being sent while still allowing you a chance to cancel it.

This latest update could not be what users expected because most of them are already curious to see the basic “Edit” button for each tweet. It’s too common to see it on any other core social media site. It’s just not on Twitter, alas.

Coming back to the “Undo Send” option, it’s pretty similar to Gmail’s. This one gives you a chance to cancel an email after you send one.

Since last year, Twitter has been working continuously to introduce a number of recent updates to its customers. First, the launch of “Fleets,” equivalent to Instagram and WhatsApp’s “Stories” and “Status.”

However, not every trial resulted in a favourable response from the users.


The growing controversies

When it comes to unforeseen experiments and changes, the tech giant of social media has gone through serious heat in the last few months. And right now, the followers are seeing an adverse reaction.

It’s because of those strange features that they’re going to add in the future. Though “Fleets” was heavily ridiculed, the “Super Follow” function only exacerbated the anguish of the users.

Twitter also revealed that it will have an opportunity to raise sales so that it won’t have to rely on advertising for all of its profits.

What it finally did was to introduce the “Super Follow” alternative last month. It’s not formally rolled out yet, however.

However, since the day of its launch, the majority of service customers have expressed colossal dissatisfaction. They’re not at all pleased about what the social media site is doing.

According to people on the Internet, this feature is just a way to lock Twitter into a subscription-based format. And in the future, anybody who wishes to follow someone else will have to pay a monthly fee to see their tweets or some other action.

The business has faced a backlash from users who ran a #RIPTwitter to demonstrate their reactions.



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