This is why consumers are purchasing more iPhone 12 Pro Max Units than Apple is capable of making.

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It goes without saying the iPhone 12 Pro Max isn’t necessarily an affordable smartphone, but this doesn’t mean anything, as this device is still selling like hotcakes.

Or at least, that’s what it seems right now, as Apple can’t cope with the demand for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, despite these two models currently the most expensive in the new device lineup.

A report from AI citing analyst data reveals that the lead times, which is how much a customer needs to wait for the iPhone they just ordered, increased substantially lately due to constrained inventory. And this constrained inventory is believed to be the result of growing demand, especially in Apple’s key markets.

So right now, the average waiting time for an iPhone 12 Pro is no less than 27 days, which means a customer orders their new iPhone today and gets it in approximately one month.

In the meantime, those who want to get the cheaper iPhone 12 or the smaller iPhone 12 mini should get it in approximately three days, according to the analyst data.

iPhone 12 mini, the most affordable iPhone 12

In the United States, the iPhone 12 Pro lead time is no less than 33 days, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max can arrive at your door in 25 days.

Apple launched four different iPhone models this year, and all come with 5G support. The smallest model this year is the iPhone 12 mini, and it features a 5.4-inch screen.

The iPhone 11 successor is the iPhone 12, still coming with a 6.1-inch display, while the iPhone 12 Pro, which replaces the iPhone 11 Pro, features a larger screen as compared to its predecessor. The top of the range continues to be the iPhone Pro Max, which is also the most expensive in the entire lineup, though as this data shows, this isn’t necessarily a setback for some people to get it anyway.

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