The Overclocker drives the 14-year-old Celeron D 347 processor to 8.36GHz

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Squeezing the last MHz out of the iconic Celeron CPU from Intel

Intel’s Celeron line of processors debuted in the late 90s as a more affordable alternative to its pricier Pentium II line and to challenge rivals like AMD and Cyrix in the entry-level segment. Early models also developed a reputation among enthusiasts as being excellent overclockers and some are still being tinkered with to this day.

A case in point is this recent achievement from Chinese overclocker ivanqu0208 who managed to push an Intel Celeron D 347 from its base frequency of 3.06GHz all the way up to 8.36GHz.

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The Celeron D 347 is a single-core CPU that originally launched in the fourth quarter of 2006. It is built on a 65nm process and features 512KB of L2 cache with an 86W TDP.

ivanqu0208 utilized an Asus P5E64 WS Professional motherboard, a 2GB stick of DDR3 memory and liquid nitrogen during the overclock. Microsoft Windows XP was the OS of choice.

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As impressive as 8,362.21MHz is out of a 14-year-old CPU, it’s not even the world record. According to HWBot, ivanqu0208’s overclock ranks in second place. The top overclock for the Celeron D 347, at 8,516.17MHz, was submitted by Chinese overclocker wytiwx back in 2013.

Image courtesy ivanqu0208

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