The next Moto smartwatches will have a clone of Apple Watch

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They’re not going to be made by Motorola alone.

Moto-branded smartwatches are making another comeback, only this time they’re not going to depend too much on your Moto 360 nostalgia. As WatchSmarty and 9to5Google have noted, a presentation by CE Brands (which runs eBuyNow) announced a trio of Moto watches arriving in 2021. Notably, none of them appears to be a direct Moto 360 series.

The first is a Moto G-inspired watch due in June. While there is no specification on the lone slide, the G appears to be a budget-oriented circular model with a simple case and no rotating crown. But in July, things will get more interesting. On top of a more upscale One, the Moto Watch will turn into a rectangular case—more than a little reminiscent of the Apple Watch, and a clear break from tradition.

All devices are likely to use Wear OS, and could use newer chips such as Snapdragon Wear 4100 when CE Brands and eBuyNow join their collaboration with Qualcomm into “premium wearables.”

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The new Moto watches are not guaranteed to meet standards. If they succeed, however, they could bring significant competition to larger Wear OS watchmakers such as Mobvoi (of TicWatch fame) and Fossil. The Wear OS smartwatch market is still relatively limited compared to what Apple and Samsung are selling, creating opportunities for relative newcomers to succeed.

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