The new Performance Mode of Fortnite improves framerates on potato PCs

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Using Integrated Graphics, 60+ fps

Despite a market that’s fast becoming oversaturated with Battle Royale titles, Fortnite remains one of the most popular games in the world today. Part of the appeal is its ability to run on even the most potato-like of PCs and laptops. Now, those ancient computers will not only be able to play the game but do so at a respectable framerate.

Epic Games’ new Performance Mode launched today, boosting Fortnite’s FPS count on those PCs that only just meet its minimum spec requirements. The company writes that the option, selectable through the in-game settings menu, works by lowering the visual quality, thereby lightening the load on the GPU and CPU. It notes that players using older hardware will be prompted to try out Performance Mode.

Epic gave examples of the type of gains users can expect to see with the new feature enabled. An Intel i5-8265U (1.6 GHz) with 8GB of RAM and integrated UHD Graphics 620 will see Fortnite’s framerate jump from a creaky 24 fps to an impressive 61 fps. Further down the ladder, an AMD A10-5745M APU (2.1 GHz) with 6GB RAM and an integrated Radeon HD 8610G moves from 18 fps to a respectable 45 fps. Epic still recommends using at least 6GB RAM and an SSD for the best experience.

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Along with the launch of Performance Mode, Epic is now allowing players to opt-out of installing the game’s high-resolution textures, saving themselves 14 GB of storage space. Without the pack, Fortnite Core and Battle Royale take up around 17 GB.

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