The Machine Shock remake of Night Dive arrives this summer, so download the free preview now

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With a new coat of colour, experience the classic with

It’s actually going to happen. System Shock’s first-ever remake has a proper, set-in-stone release window after a whopping five years of sometimes troubled growth. This summer, the moody immersive sim will finally arrive — provided the pandemic of Covid-19 does not further delay growth.

Since this is a reboot rather than a remaster, everything has been redesigned, revised, or replaced, including the gameplay, visuals, and user interfaces, as well as the levels and obtainable gear. You can discover completely new areas that never existed in the original System Shock when exploring the game, although your core objective is still the same: you need to take down Shodan, the rogue AI that has taken over the derelict Citadel Station.

Notably, the original voice actress of Shodan — Terri Brosius — will reprise her role in the remake and was also allowed to provide input on the game’s design direction.

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At any rate, as we described before, System Shock’s remake will be an immersive sim through and through. The level design has been changed, but players will still have several choices for overcoming the game’s numerous challenges.

To navigate around barriers or find alternative ways, you can use your equipment and weaponry. Crawling through a vent, for example, to escape any especially tough monsters (of which there will be plenty, thanks to Shodan’s proclivity for genetically mutating the station’s inhabitants).

Don’t worry if you’re not sold on the concept of a Machine Shock remake. Night Dive Studios, the project’s makers, don’t ask you to pay for the game before seeing it. Anyone interested in checking out the game will do so for free on all major PC platforms, including the Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG.

You can optionally pre-order the game for $44.99 on the above-mentioned platforms if you like what you see (and play). If you do so, you’ll get a free copy of System Shock 2: Improved Version when it comes out.

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The Machine Shock remake has yet to be given a clear release date. The game’s release date on GOG is August 31, 2021, but that’s most likely a placeholder, as the studio only lists the game as a “summer” release on other platforms.

We’re excited to see what Night Dive Studios did here, though, and we can’t wait to see how it looks and works on a PC.


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