The Android app from Discord now allows mobile screen sharing.

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The feature will arrive on iOS in January,
One of Discord’s most popular features is its screen-sharing tool. It’s no Twitch or YouTube Live, but for the purposes of sharing your gameplay with friends or setting up a group video viewing session, it certainly comes in handy. Fortunately, it just got even better: starting now, Discord users can activate the app’s screen sharing feature on Android devices.

Up to this point, screen sharing (and Discord’s server-based “Go Live” feature) has been exclusive to Discord’s desktop app. The platform’s web and mobile versions were left out of the loop; likely due to technical difficulties.

Whatever the reason for the feature’s former PC exclusivity, it’s finally over now. Obviously, this is hardly the most amazing mobile feature update ever, but it could still have value for some users.

Whether you’re trying to get a bit of collaborative work done on the go, or simply hoping to show off your favorite mobile game or app to your buddies, this new functionality may prove pretty useful in certain situations; particularly during a holiday season where in-person gatherings are being actively discouraged by global governments.

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It’ll still be a while before iOS users get access to screen sharing (it should come sometime in January), but it rolls out by tomorrow at the latest for fans of Google’s mobile OS. Functionally speaking, accessing the feature is no different than it is on desktop — just join a voice call or channel, and press the screen sharing button.

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