Tesla to halt production of the Model S/X for 18 days

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This holiday season, some Tesla workers will get a rest.

Tesla is preparing to shut down production of its electric vehicles Model S and Model X for a period of 18 days beginning later this month. Given the Model 3/Y’s success over the Model S/X, it’s no surprise to see Tesla taking a break for the holidays from production.

According to an e-mail to concerned staff members seen by CNBC, workers were informed of the announcement on Friday. Per the note, the last day of operation before the closure is December 23. 24 December and 25 December are paid holidays, as are 31 December and 1 January, respectively. Tesla is providing one week of half pay (January 4 to January 8) to affected workers, with plans to return everyone to work on January 11.


That only leaves a few days (December 28 through December 30) of unpaid time off, although staffers can use PTO during this period or volunteer to work other shifts in different departments.

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Tesla in its most recent earnings report said it produced 16,992 Model S/X vehicles during the third quarter, accounting for just 11.7 percent of total vehicle production. The other 128,044 vehicles that rolled off the assembly line were Model 3/Y variants.

Image credit Sundry Photography, Tesla Autobots

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