Stadia version of Terraria is back after the developer has reconciled with Google.

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After all, Terraria is going to Stadia

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox title that was first released on the PC in mid-2011 and has since been ported to several other major platforms, including the Nintendo Switch in 2019. It’s been likened to the 2D edition of Minecraft, but due to the numerous improvements that have been published over the years, the game has a special atmosphere of its own.

Cooler heads appear to have prevailed in the spat between Terraria’s creator Re-Logic and Google over the title’s fate in the Stadia cloud gaming service.

Early last month, Re-Logic creator Andrew Spinks announced that his Google account has been disabled for more than three weeks without any clarification. He was also shut out of all related accounts, including Gmail and YouTube. With no redress and no answers, Spinks agreed to postpone the next port of Terraria at Stadia.

It seems in the weeks since then that the two sides have been able to mend the relationship.

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In a recently updated article on the Re-Logic Message Board, the organisation said that after a month of drive and with the help of their fans, Google eventually reached out and offered a lot of clarity about the case. They also helped them regain passwords to all their accounts.

Due to how much effort has been done in the project so far, Re-Logic has agreed to allow the launch of Terraria on Stadia to begin. The game is currently being tested by Google for approval, Re-Logic said, but did not include a planned launch date.

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