Sony to stop buying, renting movies and Television at the PlayStation Store.

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Sony is switching away from purchasing videos from the PlayStation Website.
The change in customer behaviour should come as little as a surprise. Content creators and marketers jumped on the streaming en masse bandwagon, with platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Peacock providing large multimedia collections that can be accessed through a range of screens in return for an affordable subscription fee.

As of August 31, 2021, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will no longer sell movie and TV purchases and rentals through the PlayStation Store.

In a blog post explaining the decision, the head of SIE’s video business, Vanessa Lee, said they saw a huge growth of PlayStation fans using subscription and ad-based entertainment streaming services on their consoles.

Similar trends are also observed in the music industry. According to RIAA’s 2020 year-end report, the overwhelming majority of US music industry revenue – 83% – came from streaming. Digital downloads, like Sony’s coming to an end this summer, accounted for only six percent of last year’s revenue from the music industry. Physical content, such as CDs and vinyl, improved, capturing nine percent of the pie.

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Sony notes that when changes are made to the PlayStation Store, users will still have access to the movie and TV content they’ve previously purchased.

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