Sony plans to unlock the expansion of PlayStation 5 storage later this year

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A potential firmware update will also allow for faster cooling fan speeds.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been greeted with two forms of anticipation. The first is the ability to get one without paying a scalper fee, and the second is the ability to extend the console’s internal capacity by adding a m.2 drive into the expansion bay. For those in the latter category, the wait will soon be over, as Sony is expected to release a firmware update this summer that will allow this feature.

Sony went the third-party route with the PlayStation 5, unlike Microsoft and its proprietary storage expansion on the Series X|S, which will allow players to choose from a range of NVMe options as long as they have been approved for use.

Although some m.2 SSDs currently available on the market will likely meet the compatibility requirements of Sony, real hardware support will be allowed through a firmware update in the summer, Bloomberg notes. Indeed, being able to extend the 667 GB of available storage space on the console would be among the first improvements that many gamers would look forwards to.

The PS5 cooling fans will be able to spin at higher RPMs with the upcoming firmware. Although this capability has long been established, Sony is likely to increase fan speeds to resolve thermal issues once a third-party SSD is added.

It will only be a matter of months before PS5 owners can finally load their huge game libraries. However, in the face of game delays, scalpers, and development restrictions that are likely to last longer, this wait is a slight annoyance.


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