Samsung and Mastercard partner up to develop a payment card with an integrated fingerprint reader.

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Your next credit card will have a built-in fingerprint reader.

Samsung is working with Mastercard, a financial processing firm, to create a payment card with an embedded fingerprint scanner. Both businesses are billing it as a protective mechanism to avoid human interaction (with the pandemic and all), but safety issues could hold certain prospective consumers at bay.

In announcing the partnership, the firms said that, instead of having to type a PIN on a keypad, users would automatically check their identity using a fingerprint reader installed into their cards.

The cards will use a new protection chipset from Samsung’s LSI Business System that packs several discrete chips to streamline design and production. They would be available at any chip or point of sale terminal that currently accepts Mastercard items.

Mastercard has been working with fingerprint scanners on payment cards since at least 2017.


The firms have acknowledged that the new tech would provide an additional layer of authentication to the already existing cards, although others do not see it that way. Given that data breaches are too frequent these days, asking another firm to keep sensitive biometric data secure from hackers might be a major question for others.

Any way, you have the time to think about it. The roll-out will not begin until later this year, and will be limited to corporate clients based in South Korea. No news yet about how long it would take for the tech to fool average customers around the world.


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