Redbox’s free subscription app gets entertainment on demand.

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Bolster your free streaming library

Bottom line: Redbox’s new offerings likely aren’t going to replace the desire for content from more established networks / stuff that you would normally pay for, but if you’re building a cost-efficient streaming library or simply looking for something off the beaten path, there’s no reason not to at least have a look.

Redbox earlier this year launched a free live TV streaming service, its first major move after exiting the video game rental business. Now, it is building on that platform with the introduction of a new on-demand service.

The aptly named Redbox Free On Demand is an AVOD (advertising video on demand, or ad-based) service launching today with hundreds of titles out of the gate. More curated television shows and movies will be added weekly, we’re told.

Redbox said the service, which doesn’t require a subscription or even a login, is available on Android and iOS devices as well as Roku and select Vizio TVs. Support for LG and Samsung TVs plus Chromecast and the Xbox will follow shortly.

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Redbox’s Free Live TV service, meanwhile, is still growing. The platform has nearly 90 channels of content from providers like Bloomberg TV, Wired, Cheddar, Vevo, Vanity Fair, Funny or Die and Mystery Science Theater 3000, just to name a few.

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