Razer unveils its smart Anzu glasses featuring integrated speakers

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Now available for $199

Razer joins the roster of companies offering smart glasses with embedded speakers across the temple locations. The $199 Razer Anzu comes with two sets of lenses and is available in various frame shapes, while the standout is the built-in speakers and touch controls.

Audio-enabled glasses are not new; Bose’s Frames sunglasses have been available for a few years now, and Amazon’s Echo Frames debuted in 2020. The Razer edition comes with two interchangeable lenses: a translucent pair that removes 35 percent of the blue light, reduces the eyestrain when looking at the screen inside, and a filtered sun glass lens that comes with 99 percent UVA/UVB support for outdoor wear.


The standout attribute is the sound capability of Anzu. It features an open-ear audio style with 16mm drivers and an omni-directional microphone. Razer says the setup is “nearly imperceptible” in the picture.

Anzu’s fully wireless architecture divides the left and the right microphones, which Razer claims increases frame comfort and stability. Both audio features, such as playback, pause, skip, and smartphone assistant activation, can be reached from the touch interface of the glasses.

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Razer writes that Anzu uses 60ms of low latency Bluetooth communication for clear, stutter-free sound, and you get about five hours of playtime at a single price. It also has a “active game mode” and you get a choice of rectangular or circular frames in both large and small sizes.

Razer has collaborated with Lensabl to sell Anzu a 15% discount on prescription lenses. The IPX4 ranking ensures that it is splashproof—for wearing in the rain—and customers get a carrying case and a USB-A charging cord.


The Anzu is available from Razer.com, Best Buy, and RazerStore locations.

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