New Switch model with 7-inch OLED and 4K support is expected to arrive this year.

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But is it going to be in stock?
The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling 2020 console and remains extremely successful, but that doesn’t stop the Japanese firm from launching a sequel this year. According to a recent source, this new unit, likely named Switch 2, Super Switch, or Switch Pro, would have a larger OLED screen and accommodate 4K resolution when connected to a TV.

Since its debut four years ago, The Nintendo Switch has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide, making the 3DS family the best-selling all-time consoles. It could have already beaten the Game Boy Advance family (81.5 million) and is closing ~84 million sales on the Xbox 360.

Despite the continued popularity of the Switch, the talk of the Pro model has been around for a while. Some observers think that it would launch last year, but Nintendo announced that it would not land in 2020. We’ve heard reports that 2021 will see a sequel to the Switch, likely dubbed the Super Switch—a tribute to the Super Nintendo that marks its 30th birthday this year.

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Bloomberg, citing people who are familiar with the plan, writes that Samsung will launch production of 7-inch, 720p OLED panels for the new Switch platform as early as June, with shipments to assemblers scheduled for July. The new switch is 6.2 inches, while the Switch Lite is 5.5 inches.

With the inclusion of an OLED screen, the console could follow in the footsteps of smartphones and raise the refresh rate from its current 60Hz, thereby improving gaming experience. It can also use less of the battery and have a higher contrast.

What we’ve learned regularly is that the next Switch would accommodate 4K resolutions while a TV is docked.

If a new Switch arrives this year, it will doubtless be hampered by the worldwide chip shortages that are likely to last until 2022. Don’t be shocked if it’s as hard to find as any other new tech app right now.


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