Netflix introduce a TikTok-style comedy feed called “Fast Laughs”

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A new feature to keep subscribers watch longer


Netflix has launched a new feature designed to help users discover (or rediscover) material from a wide range of comedy content. Curiously, you need to be a Netflix subscriber to use it, meaning that the streaming giant is not leveraging the feature to grow its user base, but to help existing members find new things to watch.

Dubbed Fast Laughs, the new mobile-only feature is available from the bottom navigation menu of the iOS Netflix app. Just tap the Fast Laughs tab and the full-screen clips from the Netflix library will start playing, one after the other.

If you come across a series, film or stand-up special that tickles your fancy, you can add it to your watch list or start viewing it immediately. The feature also lets you share clips individually on your favourite social media platform, although apparently others can only watch clips in the Netflix app and need to be a subscriber to do so.

According to Variety, Fast Laugh videos are shown vertically, borrowing a page from popular apps like TikTok. Up to 100 curated clips will be delivered daily, the site said.

Fast Laughs is now available to iOS users in selected countries, including the United States, Canada and Australia. Android version will soon enter the testing phase, we’re told.

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