Microsoft Teams on the Mac Touch Bar will feel like home soon

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One of the products whose adoption has skyrocketed in the last 12 months is Microsoft Teams, and it’s not difficult to find out why this has happened.

With most people starting to work remotely, the need for an advanced solution allowing employees to collaborate and communicate just like they’d be together was huge, and Microsoft Teams was just the right product at the right time.

Microsoft itself admitted that the boom recorded by Microsoft Teams was unexpected, and the company said recently that its daily user count reached 115 million, an increase of no less than 50 percent in six months.

While this is obviously great news for Microsoft, the company now needs to focus on improving the experience with Teams more than ever, not only to make sure everything is working correctly but also to add new functionality to help people get their jobs done easier and faster.

Microsoft Teams on the Touch Bar

This is why Microsoft is now committed to polishing the experience with Teams not only on Windows but also on Mac, as a substantial number of employees use Apple devices to connect with their co-workers.

And the company recently announced that Microsoft Teams for Mac (the desktop client) will receive support for Touch Bar meeting controls, which pretty much means you’ll see key features pinned to the Touch Bar when you’re in a meeting.

Microsoft says users will get dedicated controls to mute and unmute their microphones, start and stop a video, open the sharing options, view the current participants in a meeting, and even control the raise hand feature right from the Touch Bar.

The software giant says the feature is still being worked on, but if nothing happens in the meantime, the launch for production devices is supposed to kick off in January.

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