Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Spotted Once Again Online

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Microsoft is projected to launch new Surface models in 2021, and both the Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Laptop 4 are on the table for a release next year.

While the Redmond-based tech giant is trying to remain completely tight-lipped on these two devices, information on what to expect makes the round occasionally via unofficial channels.

And after seeing a Surface Pro 8 being sold online, here’s a benchmark spotted by WL which provides us with a closer look at some of the specs of this new 2-in-1 Microsoft device.

By the looks of things, the Surface Pro 8 will run on the latest-generation Intel silicon, with the device spotted on GeekBench coming with the 11th-generation Tiger Lake CPU (i7-1185G7).

But while Microsoft remains committed to Intel chips on the Surface Pro lineup, not the same thing can be said about the Surface Laptop, where the company has already migrated to AMD for the existing models.

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New AMD chip on the Surface Laptop

And the upcoming Surface Laptop 4 will embrace the same strategy, as the device will also be powered by an AMD chip – worth knowing is that Microsoft will most likely launch both Intel and AMD versions of the Surface Laptop 4, but the one spotted on Geekbench is the latter.

According to this benchmark, the Surface Laptop 4 could be powered by an AMD Renoir processor, so once again, Microsoft is aiming for top-notch performance on this device. Obviously, Microsoft wants to position its new Surface models as hardware pioneers on the market, so using the latest processors from Intel and AMD is the best way to achieve this purpose.

As for when the new models are expected to see the daylight, this is still in the rumor stage at this point, though a possible launch could happen in the fall. Microsoft typically announces Surface upgrades in the spring and in the fall, but we should expect these products to go live in October or November.

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