IOS 14.2 Is Bad News For iPhone Battery Life

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iOS 14.2 brought several notable improvements to the iPhone, but at the same time, it also looks like it included something that’s not as exciting as the thing Apple specifically worked on.

It’s a battery issue that causes massive drains on plenty of iPhone models out there, with users complaining they now have to recharge their devices twice a day after updating the smartphones.

By the looks of things, it all happened after installing iOS 14.2 on these iPhones, and some say the most noticeable difference happens during the night when their devices lost half of the battery without doing anything.

Posts on Apple’s developer forums pretty much speak for themselves, with users claiming they noticed this behavior mostly on older iPhones, starting with the iPhone 7 and ending with the iPhone XS. iPhone 11 and iPhone don’t seem to be affected.

No word from Apple

“My iPhone SE(2016) and iPhone 8 Plus were just fine until the 14.2 update. Now the fully charged battery drops to 45% overnight and the charge drops rapidly even while simply reading my email. This cannot happen on both iPhones unless there is something wrong with the ios 14.2 update. I never had any battery issues before the 14.2 update. The battery health on my SE and 8 Plus is at 90% and 98% respectively. I don’t use my phones much, because I use my laptop for most of my online activities,” someone explains on the forums.

Oddly enough, others have found the iPhones lose massive battery even when being used in airplane mode, and this suggests there’s indeed a problem with this update.

The bad news is Apple didn’t acknowledge the bug, so right now, no workaround is known to exist.

Some customers say they reached out to Apple and actually set an appointment for battery servicing, so it’ll be interesting how Apple deals with the whole thing this time.

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