HTML and CSS Fundamentals For Absolute Beginners Geezwild

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Learn HTML and CSS Basics to have the necessary knowledge that you must acquire before mastering Web Development.

What you’ll learn

HTML and CSS Fundamentals For Absolute Beginners Course

  • Learn What is HTML and Have your first look at HTML
  • Learn how to declare your HTML document using!DOCTYPE Declaration
  • Learn How HTML is Structured and have a closer look at elements
  • Install your editor to start Building your web pages using Brackets Editor
  • Build your first Web Page using Brackets Editor
  • Know the difference between Head and Body Tags
  • Learn How to use Comments
  • Learn How to add Images to your Web Page
  • Know-How and When to Use HTML Tables
  • Learn How To Style Your Web Page Using CSS or Cascading Style Sheets
  • Know CSS Syntax and Start writing your first CSS Code
  • Learn The Difference between Classes and IDs and when to use them


In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, after completing this course you’ll have good knowledge to start your next step in mastering HTML and CSS.
These fundamentals are very important for all beginners who want to start their career in Web Development Field.

You will start by Learning HTML basics and how to prepare your HTML document to be used in the Browser.

Then you’ll have a closer look at how HTML elements are structured.

After that, you’ll know how to style your Web Page.

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