How to recover a computer and get rid of a virus

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The computer virus is a malware that reaches your machine via the Internet without your knowledge. Software viruses are of different types and pose different levels of threat. Depending on the form, you can change your computer settings and sometimes even destroy your hard drive and cause data loss. There are hundreds of antivirus applications that can delete malware from your computer. However if you do not want to download external software and want to uninstall viruses manually, you can opt to restore your computer to a previous date before your system files and registries have been corrupted.

Users of Windows XP (or lower)


Step 1

Click on the Start button and select “All Programs.” Click on “Accessories” and point your cursor to “System Tools.” Select “System Restore.”


Step 2

Click on “Restore my computer to an earlier time.” Hit “Next.”


Click “OK.” Hit “Next” when you see “Confirm Restore Point Selection.” This will restart your computer and restore its settings to those on the chosen date.


Windows Vista (or above) users

Step 1

Click on the Start menu and select “All Programs.” Click “Accessories” and point your cursor to “System Tools.” Select “System Restore.”


Step 2

Click “Next” when the system restore wizard starts.


Step 3

Single-click to choose a restore point by looking at the date. Select a date before the day your computer was infected with a virus. Hit “Next.”


Click “Yes” to confirm. Your computer will restart to the chosen restore point.

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