How pandemic crippled Global smartwatch shipments in 2020 

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Apple is also leading the smartwatch market

Global smartwatch shipments sank marginally in the fourth quarter thanks to a fresh round of Covid-19 outbreaks, resulting in an almost flat full year. Still, there were a few bright points, including Apple’s mid-range Apple Watch SE, which may lead some to place greater focus on non-flagship smartwatches going forwards.

According to the new Global Smartphone Shipments Tracker from Counterpoint Research, Apple further strengthened its role as the top producer of smartwatches during the holiday period. Compared to the same time a year ago, Apple managed to increase its market share by six percent. Samsung grew its share by one percent while other big players, such as Huawei and Fitbit, either lost market share or saw no growth relative to Q4 2019.

Counterpoint Senior Analyst Sujeong Lim was highly praised by the Apple Watch SE, the mid-range replacement to the Apple Watch Series 6, which was launched in September. Lim claims that SE would encourage others, including Samsung, to introduce similar versions that will bring acceptance closer to the mass market.

The Apple Watch SE starts at $279, a little less than $399 than the Apple Watch Series 6 commands, but you’ll also lose certain main features such as an on-screen monitor, ECG connectivity and sheer computing capacity.

Lim also states that over the next three to four years, budget players like Oppo could capture considerable market share and help lower costs through intensified competition.


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