Hot Wheels Unleashed will arrive this September for PCs and consoles

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Arcade-style racers also get a trailer announcement


A new arcade racing game based on Mattel’s iconic Hot Wheels toy brand has been unveiled by the Italian games studio, Milestone Team. On September 30, the game will be released for PC, last-generation and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been a while since we were treated to a proper video game for Hot Wheels, and now it looks like fans are having their wishes answered with Hot Wheels Unleashed as a result of a Mattel-Milestone Team collaboration.

An action-packed trailer for its upcoming title has been published by the Italy-based games studio, which should offer some indication of what chaos to expect while missing any actual gameplay footage. It also has some good graphics, including amazing lighting and lifelike car models, but it’s uncertain if any of that eye candy will make it into the final game.

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Refreshingly, in addition to several single-player and online racing modes, the game will also offer offline multiplayer with a split-screen mode.

With specific driving styles and characteristics as well as customizable livery, plenty of cars can be expected. In true Hot Wheels fashion, with immersive environments, vehicles can race and crash on tracks set in real-life locations.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will need to stand out and be packed with content, particularly given the $49.99 price tag for the regular game, which is now available for pre-order, as well as three special editions, including the $89.99 Ultimate Stunt Edition.

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