Google shifting to a quicker production schedule for Chrome later this year.

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Starting from Chrome 94, big milestone changes will be rolled out every four weeks instead of six weeks.

Citing revamped testing and distribution procedures for Chrome, Google has agreed to ramp up the pace at which it rolls out new features upgrades for its browser and will move to a four-week release schedule down from six, beginning with version 94 coming in Q3 this year.


Google’s milestone updates for Chrome on the stable channel arrive every six weeks, but the company says it’s now able to shorten that period to just four weeks, thanks to internal improvements and the need for quickly pushing out critical security and bug fixes.

Google’s milestone upgrades to Chrome on the stable channel come every six weeks, but the firm claims it’s now able to cut the time to only four weeks, due to organisational changes and the ability to rapidly carry through essential security and bug fixes.

While a quicker release cycle would enable Google to test new functionality with Chrome root testing more efficiently, it doesn’t guarantee users would get to see any of them arrive easily in stable builds, nor will it change the company’s Blink delivery process for chromium product creation.

Frequent product changes, though, can be upsetting for IT administrators and corporate customers, which is why Google is introducing a new Extended Stable alternative for Chrome that will receive milestone releases every 8 weeks to provide more time for business users and Chromium embedders to manage upgrades. Important security patches, meanwhile, will roll out every 2 weeks but will not correct all bugs or pack functionality open to customers in the standard 4-week update period.

Google says that Chrome 93, which arrives on August 31st, will be the last stable build to meet the old 6-week schedule, while version 94 will embrace the quicker release period, which will come later on September 21st instead of October 12th.

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