Facebook launches TikTok-like experimental app for rappers, called BARS

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It was created by the NPE team of the social network.

The NPE Team, a subsidiary of Facebook’s R&D division, has launched yet another experimental music app. It’s called BARS, and it’s built to encourage aspiring rappers to record their rhymes and post them on social media using the app’s studio-quality voice effects and professionally produced beats. Users can pick from the many available beats, and if they compose in-app, BARS will automatically recommend words that rhyme with what they type.

The app has audio and visual filters and an auto-tune function that can be used by users to produce a finished product. There’s also a Challenge mode, in which users must rap freestyle while using the auto-suggested word cues. BARS seems to be another attempt at a TikTok competitor, but a specialised one, as TechCrunch reports, seeing as each video can only be up to 60 seconds long. With a two-tabbed vertical video interface, the software has a similar UI.

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The NPE team launched Collab, an experimental app that allows users to collaborate on music videos without having to meet in person, late last year. TechCrunch was told by the team that the pandemic played a part in making both applications. “For aspiring rappers, I know access to high-priced recording studios and production equipment can be minimal. Furthermore, the global pandemic halted live shows, which are where we regularly build and share our work “DJ Iyler, a team member, told the publication.

BARS was introduced as a private beta for iPhones by Facebook, with the first videos posted by team members. It’s currently available for free on the App Store, and interested rappers can use it to reserve their username and enter the waitlist.

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