Epic Games acquires Tonic Games Group

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Studio is now planning to do some sort of partnership

The Tonic Games only blended with the Epic Games. The holding firm controls the maker of Dropping Men, Mediatonic. Fall Guys has had more than 11 million Steam downloads of its own since its debut in August 2020. It was also the most downloaded freebie in the history of PlayStation Plus. The mutually advantageous arrangement gives Epic another possible cash cow, thus allowing Tonic the money and independence to grow and develop. It’s a win-win thing.

On Tuesday, Mediatonic got a word that its runaway hit Fall Guys: Supreme Knockout was nominated for five BAFTA awards. Coincidentally, the announcement came at at the same time as Epic Games announced the conclusion of a deal to buy up Tonic Games Group’s parent studio company. The transaction also takes Studio Fortitude Games and publisher Irregular Company under the umbrella of Epic.

Epic maintains that the gameplay of Fall Guys will not adjust as a result of the merger. However, in a different blog entry, Mediatonic says it aims to bring some of the features of Fortnite and the Rocket League into its battle-royal-style obstacle course. It points to the account structures, the cross-play, and the squad vs the squad as features that it aims to introduce to Fall Guys.

Tonic Games’ leadership appeared positive about the merger in the press release.

“At Tonic Games Party, we always say that ‘everyone wants a game that feels like it’s made for them.’ With Epic, we feel like we’ve found a home that’s built for us, “Tonic Games Company CEO and co-founder Dave Bailey said.

“Beyond the shared vision among our teams, we see tremendous potential in combining forces with Epic,” said Chief Games Officer and Co-Founder Paul Croft. “Whether it’s about making our own games the best they can be or empowering other game developers to take their content from a kernel of an idea to commercial success, we know that together we will be able to reach greater heights.”

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout premiered last August and recently revealed its fourth season in a teaser with a heavy VHS feel in the 1980s (above).

After its inception, the Fall Guys team has expanded from 35 to more than 150 employees. With the funding of Epic, the team should be able to keep up the content season after season, just as Fortnite has been doing for many years now.

Fall Guys is currently on PlayStation 4|5 and PC via Steam. Nintendo Switch and Xbox ports are arriving this summer, and they are likely to be available shortly on Epic’s storefront.


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