Carl Pei’s Nothing reveals semi-transparent Concept 1 suggestive of wireless earbuds

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Precursor of the first product?

Nothing—a company founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei—has recently revealed that it will release its first product this summer: truly wireless earbuds. Now, the company has unveiled photos of Concept 1, a product that reflects its design style and could look like buds to come.

There’s a lot of buzz over Nothing. The London-based tech firm has now secured more than $22 million in investment from major tech names, including Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin.

Pei was usually ambiguous in the Concept 1 Reveal Post—it doesn’t even explain what the gadget is—but the style definitely brings true wireless earbuds to mind.

The Concept 1 features a semi-transparent exterior case that reveals the inner workings, a look that Pei says “incarnates our contribution to getting technology closer to people.” It’s kind of slick, with a metallic top and a red hue.

The Concept 1’s design is inspired by “grandmother’s tobacco pipe.” Nothing says its products draw inspiration from familiar objects as a way of making them feel fresh for years. The company in February announced it is working with Stockholm-based designers Teenage Engineering on its product roadmap.

“We distill technology to the essentials, embracing raw tech, where every gram and every byte live with purpose. We peel off everything superficial, like unnecessary branding on the surface, to focus solely on what adds true value to the user experience,” writes Pei. “We spend as much time thinking about what we can remove from a product, as what we can add to it.”

Despite Nothing acquiring the Essential IP, it doesn’t sound as if new smartphones are part of the plan. Pei envisions technology with “no screens, no dedicated devices, just barely noticeable technology that empowers us to be more human.”

The wireless earbud market is fragmented and intensely competitive, but Nothing’s first model could stand out from the crowd with its innovative nature. Let’s hope that it sounds as amazing as it feels.

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