Bethesda’s Doom 3 for PlayStation VR port to be released this March.

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Be the Slayer of Doom

I was playing Doom 3 just the other day, waiting for Eternal to download, and I realised how dated it looked compared to the more recent Doom remake. Not surprising given the 12 year age difference. While it provides a different Doom experience, it’s still enjoyable, but it could be a refresh.

Bethesda and id Software released a teaser trailer today (below) revealing that Doom 3 is coming to PlayStation VR. It’s not entirely different from the original game, but it has new textures and sounds. The hud and a few other gameplay elements have also been tweaked to suit the PSVR platform. It contains the Resurrection of the Evil and the Lost Mission DLC, which adds 20 more stages of demon-slaying to make it even more attractive.

This is not the first time Doom has received VR treatment. Team Beef has recently taken Doom 3 to the Oculus Search. However, this edition is not sanctioned by id Software and does not have DLC or refreshed sound and visuals.
Doom 3 has a pace that is more akin to survival horror than the frantic run-and-gun action typical of the Doom series. This slower speed, with a heavier emphasis on exploration, seems better suited to VR, particularly when it comes to motion sickness.
Doom 3 VR Edition for PSVR hits the PlayStation Store on March 29th. Bethesda did not announce pricing, but as we are so close to release, it is fair to expect to see the product page in the coming days.


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