AsusWrt-Merlin Custom Firmware Adds Support for ASUS RT-AX86U and GT-AC2900

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AsusWrt-Merlin has made available a new firmware package targeted at some of ASUS’ wireless routers, namely build 386.1 Beta 1, which adds support for two new devices: RT-AX86U and GT-AC2900 (with a few restrictions).

Specifically speaking, GT-AC2900 owners must take into account that VPN Fusion and a few other ROG-specific features are not supported at the moment. However, the new firmware includes overall stability improvements and updates as described below.

If applied, compatible routers will receive new Openssl (1.1.1h), OpenVPN (2.5.0), nano (5.2), curl (7.72.0), zlib (1.2.11), lz4 (1.9.2), e2fsprogs (1.45.6), dropbear (2020.81), and miniupnpd (2.2) versions, as well as tls-crypt-v2 support to OpenVPN clients.

In addition to that, this release removes Cloudcheck mobile app and fq_codel (for Adaptive QoS) support, changes display of DNSPrivacy presets, tweaks the OpenVPN webui layout, adds stub and stub-v2 compression options to OpenVPN clients, and implements several other changes as highlighted in the Release Notes below.

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Regarding supported devices, besides the mentioned routers, the developer has provided several installation files compatible RT-AX88, RT-AX58, RT-AX56, RT-AC88, RT-AC86, RT-AC68, RT-AC5300, and RT-AC3100 wireless units.

As for installation, just save and unzip the appropriate archive for your model, establish a wired connection between the router and your computer, and go to Advanced Settings > Administration > Firmware Upgrade.

Now, click on the “Choose File” button near the “New Firmware File” section, select the newly extracted .trx file, hit “Upload,” and wait for your router to do its job. Bear in mind that interrupting this process can result in serious device malfunctions.

That said, download AsusWrt-Merlin Router Firmware 386.1 Beta 1 for your specific device, apply it, and constantly check our website to stay informed when newer versions are available for your device.

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