Apple’s AR/MR Roadmap is claimed to consist of three stages, including a viewfinder, glasses and contact lenses.

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Apple is investing aggressively in AR and VR products;

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said he expects that Apple’s MR/AR Roadmap will consist of three phases: a helmet-type interface by 2022, a glasses-style watch by 2025, and a specialised contact lens by 2030-2040. Analysts expect helmets/visors to have AR and VR expertise, while glasses and contact lens devices will rely more on AR applications.

Apple’s first virtual reality wearable is scheduled to reach mid-2022, accompanied by a range of augmented reality glasses by 2025, according to the new study report from TF International Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo also expects that Apple will be able to ship a helmet-style device that is considerably smaller than current VR models. The device would be “portable,” with autonomous processing and storage capacities, but not as mobile as an iPhone. “As technology advances, we agree that the latest helmet product will also increase its mobility,” Kuo said.

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There is also positive news on the pricing front as Kuo expects the unit to be priced at about $1,000 in the US, significantly less than the $3,000 price tag associated with a separate rumour only a month earlier.

The above-mentioned smart glasses will offer more “optical vision by AR perception” and will be marketed as a smartphone product rather than a virtual reality headset. And the contact lens, which is still a long way down the track, should help us transition from the age of “visible computing” to “invisible computing,” Kuo added.


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