Annoying iOS 14 bug drops thousands of users’ SMS messages

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You didn’t want that message to be read, did you?

The iOS 14 release was pretty chaotic.Generally, mobile operating systems are launched with many bugs. Even the new version of Apple has had some very frustrating issues for users, ranging from constantly resetting the default mail app to quickly draining batteries when not in use.

A few days ago, MacRumors reported that many iPhone 12 users were complaining of a bug in Apple’s native SMS app Messages. Users said that some incoming texts were occasionally dropped in single and group conversations and that notifications of new texts were not pushing through.

Initial reports seemed to indicate the problem was isolated to the iPhone 12 and the Messages app only, but that does not seem to be the case. Numerous complaints have rolled into Apple’s support forum from users experiencing the bug on any iPhone model updated to iOS 14. It also appears to be present in other apps, including Signal and WhatsApp. So it appears to be a glitch in iOS 14 rather than just the iPhone 12 or the Messages app.

As of this writing, more than 5,600 users have flooded Apple with the same issue.

Many have attempted various remedies, both on their own and at the advice of Apple Support. Users have tried restarting the device, completely resetting it, and changing settings on other Apple devices that can receive messages through iCloud, but nothing has worked.

So far, Apple has remained pubically quiet regarding the bug. However, support techs have told users individually that “the engineering team wanted to replicate the issue and then run diagnostics.” So it does appear that Apple is aware of the situation, but it is unclear how long developers will take to come up with a solution.

MacRumors notes that updating to iOS version 14.2.1 did fix some earlier reported MMS messaging issues, but the SMS bug appears unrelated. Insiders have had iOS 14.3 for a while now but said the problem is present in the beta. So it might not get a fix in the next update, which rolls out in a few days.

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