AMD says you can follow Reddit’s advice if you have problems with USB connections

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A fortnight ago, AMD noted the swelling of feedback about sporadic USB disconnections on X570 and B550 motherboards. Since then, they have had engineers working on the issue, though without success: for now, the official advice of AMD is to employ the workarounds suggested by Reddit.

For the last two weeks, AMD has been gathering consumer reports to clear up any mystery. From public posts on Reddit, it is only possible for us to paint a picture of the issue in the broadest strokes: in systems that pair 500-series motherboards with 5000-series or 3000-series Ryzen CPUs, USB devices will unexpectedly disconnect or suffer from interference. However, problems seem to be more common in systems with RTX 3000-series GPUs and high-bandwidth applications, according to some Redditors’ collation efforts.

In other words, the issue may be linked to the volume of data moving between components. Any of the workarounds suggested in Reddit was intended to reduce the amount of data flow by upgrading the machine to PCIe 3.0, for example, or by removing dispensable ports/devices. Another solution, disabling global C-states (which is the sleep variant of the CPU), is an effort to increase the ability of the machine to manage info.

One Redditor, fed up with an unusable machine, begged AMD to repay their CPU. In their non-refundable email, AMD suggested upgrading the motherboard firmware and, if the problem persists, trying to disable C-states and upgrade the device to PCIe 3.0.

Since then, AMD has formalised the recommendation. In their own words:

  1. Verify that your motherboard is updated to the latest BIOS version and configured using optimized/factory default settings. Check your motherboard manufacturer’s website for BIOS update and download instructions.
  2. Check if your Windows 10 is on the latest build and fully up to date. For information on updating Windows 10, please refer to Microsoft article: Update Windows 10
  3. Ensure that the Ryzen chipset driver from AMD is installed and up to date. Latest Ryzen chipset driver version is and can be downloaded here.

And if that fails, then “consider using either of the following workaround:”

  1. Set PCIe mode from Gen4/Auto to Gen 3 in the BIOS
  2. Disable Global C-States in the BIOS

In their email, AMD reiterates that their “technical team is aggressively pursuing this topic with high priority.” Although AMD’s deference to the group doesn’t mean positive things about their tech staff, at least they are respectful enough to recommend guidance that works.

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