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The baby names that took over NZ in 2018

The list, released annually by Internal Affairs, found a total of 13,668 names were given to 59,302 last year.

Charlotte and Oliver have consistently held the top spot for the second year in a row, while Jack and Isla were ranked the second most popular.

The registrar-general for births, deaths and marriages, Jeff Montgomery said while the top names had not changed much, the number of unique names was increasing.

"New Zealanders are becoming increasingly creative in the way they choose to name their babies. For boys there were 30,000 boys born last year and there were 8600 different names for those boys," he said.

Asked how people were getting more creative, Mr Montgomery said it was in the way names were spelt - Oliver for example could be spelt three different ways and many variations on Ollie.

This year's list had 12 different combinations of Oliver or Ollie. Girl's names ending in a vowel including Isla, Ella, Mia and Ava were also popular.

Mia and Nikau were the top Māori girls and boys names respectively.

Oliver has been the most popular boys name for six years in a row. Oliver's female counterpart, Olivia, has been in close competition with Charlotte since 2011, with the two swapping first and second place many times.
Most popular girl's names 2018

Charlotte - 221
Isla - 217
Olivia - 201
Amelia - 197
Ella - 182
Harper - 179
Isabella - 176
Emily - 173
Mia - 171
Ava - 167

Most popular boy's names 2018

Oliver - 268
Jack - 257
Noah - 227
Leo - 209
Hunter - 195
George - 191
Lucas - 187
James - 184
William - 184
Mason - 181

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