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Saudi Justice Ministry completes training for 16,000 employees

The Justice Ministry has trained around 16,000 employees over the past four years to develop the workforce and raise its productivity level.
The ministry provided 1,277 programs for employees covering several fields including accounting, human resources, leadership development, law and statistics.
The training amounted to 400 hours.
The ministry also provided services to improve employee satisfaction and raise awareness about the King Salman Program to Develop Human Resources.
It set up communication channels for employees to raise complaints, and measures to ensure safety and a sense of belonging in the workplace.
Earlier, Saudi Justice Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Waleed Al-Samaani said that the ministry is continuing its efforts to achieve the objectives of the National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030, which focus on enhancing the user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness of government services.

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