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Road warnings after long dry spell

Drivers are being warned of slippery roads as much of the North Island is due for rain after more than a fortnight of dry weather.

Rain and possible thunderstorms are moving up from the south, bringing a wet start to the week for most around the North Island.

Police are urging motorists to slow down on roads in the Waikato through to Auckland and Northland, where there could be conditions described as 'summer ice'.

This is when dust, oil and other materials build up in dry spells on the road surface, making it greasy when it rains - with the greatest risk shortly after the rain starts.

Even a little rain after several days of dry weather can trigger these conditions, NZTA says.

NZTA advice in 'summer ice' conditions:

Keep speeds down on wet roads after a long dry period
Take extra care on curves
Increase following distance from vehicles in front of you
Brake and steer gently
Allow extra travel time

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