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Riyadh library to hold workshop for entrepreneurs

JEDDAH: King Abdul Aziz Public Library (KAPL) announced on Thursday that it will host a workshop called “Don’t Wait to Find a Job” for female entrepreneurs.
The workshop will take place on Jan. 19 at 11 a.m. in the library’s Al-Murabba’ branch. It is part of the Young Women’s Forum 2019.
The workshop includes two main sessions: “Create Your Job Instead of Waiting For It” and “Launch a Business From Home.”
Manal Khan, a consultant and project manager, will present the first session, which will discuss identifying professional goals, the necessary skills for self-employment, and case studies of successful entrepreneurs.
Jeheir Al-Nawirah, a human resource development consultant and life coach, will present the second session, which will cover goal-setting, free business set-up services, and more case studies.

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