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Google's New Price Increase Could Affect Millions of Businesses

Business owners, get your wallets ready: Google's G Suite is getting its first-ever price hike.

On April 2, Google will raise the cost of licenses for the productivity suite, which includes apps such as Gmail, Docs, and Drive. G Suite Basic Edition will increase to $6 per user per month, up from $5, while G Suite Business Edition will increase to $12 per user per month, up from $10, the company announced Wednesday.

Among other differences from the Basic Edition, G Suite Business has no cap on storage and allows more people to use Google's video conferencing service at once. The price of the G Suite enterprise tier, which includes additional upgrades, will remain at $25 per user per month.

"Over the last ten years, G Suite has grown to provide more tools, functionality, and value to help businesses transform the way they work," Google wrote on its blog. "The one thing that hasn't changed over this time, is price."

Launched in 2006, G Suite is used by more than 4 million businesses. Customers with monthly plans will start paying the new price on April 2. Users on annual plans will begin paying the new price when their subscription renews, on or after April 2. Renewals prior to that date will not be affected by these changes, according to the company.

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