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Fortnite team creates humongous maze in Creative mode

Will you be able to find the exit before your enemies find you?

Since Epic added the Creative Mode to Fortnite in Season 7, fans have been flying around their islands creating layouts full of huge buildings, training outposts, and even a map dedicated to racing ATKs!

Several players are dedicated to creating insane builds that will make it to The Block, which took place of Risky Reels in Season 7.

All of the creations added to The Block were fan-made like, Risky Runaways, Mysterious Market, and Grimy Greens.

Three Fortnite players teamed up to create a huge maze level that would add a whole new level to Battle Royale, simply titled Maze Battle Royale.

Maze Battle Royale was created by Zesv, Noble, and Alarm and took over 51k of memory.

The maze looks to be made out of all metal and spans the entire Creative island.

There is no code currently available for the maze, however, the map’s creators are heavily watching the thread promising to supply the code once Epic approves it.

Fortnite creators who have a Creator Code have the ability to share their creations with other players through an in-game code.

Epic manually approves each creator who applies for a Creator Code, so the process takes quite some time.

If you are in the mood to check out something different in Fortnite, check out this recreation of the classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map, Favelas!

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