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Singapore recalls frozen raw pork from the Netherlands after Salmonella outbreak

SINGAPORE: The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is working with importers to recall implicated frozen raw pork products from the Netherlands, after an outbreak of Salmonella Goldcoast.

The move comes after the European Commission’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed issued an alert of a foodborne outbreak of Salmonella Goldcoast, said AVA on Friday (Dec 14). This outbreak is suspected to be linked to the consumption of pork products from one slaughterhouse in the Netherlands.

The authority confirmed that there are imports of the implicated frozen raw pork products in Singapore, and said it is working with importers to remove the implicated frozen pork consignments from the market.

The recall is ongoing.


Raw meat, including pork, is known to potentially carry bacteria, which may include Salmonella, said AVA. Salmonella in turn can cause Salmonellosis, a bacterial infection.

This infection can be avoided by cooking food thoroughly and preventing cross-contamination, said AVA, adding that consumers should always cook raw meat thoroughly.

In addition, the authority advised consumers to observe the following food hygiene practices:

- Wash hands with soap and water before handling ready-to-eat food, before eating and after going to the toilet

- Thoroughly cook raw food from animal sources (for example, beef, pork, poultry)

- Keep raw meat separate from vegetables, fruits, cooked and ready-to-eat food

- Avoid raw (unpasteurised) milk or foods made from raw milk

- Wash hands and kitchen utensils such as knives and cutting boards after handling raw food

- Use separate sets of knives and cutting board for raw and cooked food

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