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Kuwait Provides an Additional $50-Million Donation to UNRWA

The Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations informed, on Wednesday, the General Secretariat of the Arab League of transferring $ 42 million and $ 100,000 to the account of the Permanent Delegation of the State of Kuwait in New York so that it will transfer it to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in fulfilment of its pledge to donate that amount during the UNRWA Support Conference that was held in New York in late September.

The State of Kuwait offered an additional donation of $ 8 million to the UNRWA during the Rome Conference that was held on 15 March 2018, making the total additional contribution from Kuwait to the UNRWA in 2018 $ 50.100 million.

The General Secretariat of the Arab League expressed its gratitude to the State of Kuwait for its continued support to UNRWA to continue its services provided to the 5.5 million Palestinian refugees as part of Kuwait’s historic role in supporting the Palestinian cause.

The State of Kuwait is one of the most dedicated Arab countries that provide political and financial support to the Palestinians and their cause.

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