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Kuwait expels controversial Israel activist

Kuwaiti security services have deported Israeli activist Ben Tzion less than 24 hours after he entered the country, local media reported.

The activist and blogger’s deportation came after widespread criticism by Kuwaiti lawmakers and activists for “the presence of an Israeli person in their country and his visit to the International Book Fair” after Tzion documented his visit on Instagram.

Kuwaiti media – including Al-Qabas and Al-Rai – quoted a source as saying that Tzion had entered the country with a US passport and that his visit was not for the aim of participating in the Kuwait International Book Fair.

On Thursday evening Kuwait’s Interior Ministry deported Tzion after 18 hours in the country, according to the same sources.

The Kuwait Book Fair began on 14 November and continues until 24 November in a session which celebrates Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine.

Last November Tzion – who is of Russian origin –sparked anger on social media after he posted photos inside the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

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