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Why is one Jerusalem candidate's name on ballot bigger than everyone else?

The name of one of the candidates, Moshe Lion, appeared in much larger font than any of his contenders.
By Gil Hoffman

Is the Israeli Central Election Committee trying to hint something to voters in Jerusalem? It seemed so based on the size of the font of names of some of the candidates as they appeared on slips of paper at voting stations on Tuesday.

The name of one of the candidates, Moshe Lion, appeared in much larger font than his contenders, who included Likud Minister Ze'ev Elkin, city councilman Ofer Berkovitch, Deputy mayor Yossi Daitch and Avi Salman, an aide to outgoing Mayor Nir Barkat.
Israelis choose two slips of paper at ballots - one for mayor or head of local council and one for the party they want to see on the council. As clear in the above photo, the font on the yellow slip of paper with Lion's name (second from left) is significantly larger than any of the other candidates' names.

Yariv Oppenheimer, a board member of Peace Now, noted on Twitter, that the problem appears at polling stations all over the country and that the size of the font depends on the length of the candidate's name. "This is a terrible mistake by the Election Committee," he said.

The Election Committee reponded that there had been no complaints and that there is no legal problem with names of candidates appearing in different font sizes. Elkin said he was not bothered by the difference and that size does not really matter.
"Jerusalem voters are smarter than that," he told The Jerusalem Post. "If this was a gimmick by Lion, it won't work."

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