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Turkey: Saudi Attorney General admits ‘Khashoggi’s murder was premeditated’

Turkish Foreign Minister, Mouloud Jawish Oglu said Monday that the Saudi Prosecutor, Saud bin Abdullah bin Mubarak has admitted during a meeting with his Turkish counterpart in Istanbul that the murder of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi was planned in “advance”.

“The exchange of information between the Saudi Attorney-General and his Turkish counterpart in the Khashoggi case will be helpful,” he told reporters during a press conference with his Georgian and Azeri counterparts, expressing hope that “Saudi Arabia will complete the investigation into Khashoggi’s death as soon as possible”.
“The Saudi Attorney

General’s visit is very important and came at the request of Riyadh. Cooperation between the Saudi Attorney General and his Turkish counterpart should continue in the Khashoggi’s case without wasting time” he added.

The Turkish minister’s comments came after a meeting between the Saudi attorney general and his Turkish counterpart to discuss Khashoggi’s case that lasted more than an hour.

The Saudi and Turkish officials were expected to visit the Saudi consulate.

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