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Would you wear swimwear made from used plastic bottles?

While Australia is complaining about cutting plastic bags out of their lives, an American brother sister duo with a passion for surfing are putting plastic wastage to good use…

They’re making swimwear out it.

Jake and Caroline Danehy grew up by the beach at Fair Harbor which is a hamlet near the western end of Fire Island in New York. 
On their website, they describe their childhood home as a “barefoot community” where they formed a deep appreciation for the water. As they got older, they started to notice more and more plastic washing up on their shores, and decided they wanted to do something about it.

The young siblings pitched the idea to an entrepreneurship program in 2015 – they were aged just 21 and 18.

They were granted $20,000 for their first production run and raised $25,000 more with a Kickstarter.

And so, Fair Harbor was born. 

he dynamic duo source their “materials” from mass recycling facilities worldwide. They send them to manufacturing facilities that break them down into polyfibres, and spin them into yarn.

“Our goal with Fair Harbor was to create the best boardshorts on the planet while doing our part to keep the oceans we love clean from plastic waste," co-founder Jake Danehy says on the website.

The brand started with just board shorts which are made from 80-percent bottles, and a small percentage of cotton and spandex.
In fact, each short is made out of 11 recycled plastic bottles. 

But they’ve since branched into women’s swimwear.

Prices start at AUD$92. 

While the focus is on upcycling plastic, they’ve also started using coconut waste in their newer ranges.

Husks are broken down and made into “polyester.”

Given Australians alone buy 118,000 tonnes of plastic bottles every year, at least someone is finding good use for them.

They certainly won’t run out of materials any time soon.

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