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This Chart Shows Just How Popular Google Chrome Is on Desktop and Mobile

Market share data points out Chrome has no rival on PCs
By Bogdan Popa
It’s not a secret that Google Chrome is the leading browser on the desktop, but new data provided by StatCounter for June 2018 shows just how successful this application is in the PC ecosystem right now.

Google Chrome reached a market share of 66.87% last month, way ahead of rival Mozilla Firefox with just 11.44%. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is third with 7.13%.

Internet Explorer no longer receives new features, and is currently in maintenance mode, getting only security updates and patches for found vulnerabilities.

Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer with Edge in Windows 10, and the latter is now the company’s preferred choice in the browser world. Furthermore, Edge launched beyond the desktop and is now available on both iOS and Android.

But as far as the desktop is concerned, Microsoft Edge is well behind all of its rivals. Only 4.16 percent of the computers were running Microsoft’s new browser, according to StatCounter data, even fewer than Apple’s Safari, which in June reached 5.38 percent share.
"Mobile browsers"

Google Chrome, on the other hand, is the dominating browser in mobile as well, which obviously makes sense since Android is the number one platform and Chrome comes pre-installed on the majority of devices. Chrome is the number one browser on mobile with 54.98 percent, ahead of Safari with 17.25 percent.

This time, the third choice is none other than UC Browser, followed by Samsung Internet and Opera. Needless to say, Microsoft’s Edge is nowhere to be seen given that it’s quite a new app on mobile devices, but more surprising is that Mozilla Firefox is also missing from the charts.

Without a doubt, Google’s solution will remain the top browser on both desktop and mobile for a long time, while Microsoft Edge will continue to serve as the easiest way to download Chrome.

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